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    L251FET Microphone

    Okay. So the other day I'm browsing Ebay. Just looking. Researching. A vintage Telefunken ELAM 251 E appears. Price tag: $19,999.00. Now I will admit: It does look vintage, antique, more than a little rough around the edges. The thought occurs to me to "beat up" our Lawson L251FET and Lawson L251. I guarantee our Lawson L251 mics sound as good as, if not better than, this $20K mic on Ebay. Hmmm. I wonder. What do you think?

    The L251FET is airy, breathy, luscious, mouth-watering . . . all the benefits of a vintage sounding mic without any of the hassle. Best of all--it's price tag won't gag or choke you. So how 'bout we leave the price alone and let you put the microphone through a beatin'?

    If you prefer a vacuum tube version, check out the L251.

    Package includes:

    • Lawson L251 Quick Change™ Capsule
    • Lawson FET Electronics
    • Swivel Mic Holder
    • Pelican Carrying Case
    • Operating Instructions
    • One Year Warranty extended to five years with product registration



    Pro Audio Review January 2006

    "The finest compliment I can pay to the Lawson Tube/FET combo package is that it proved to be so versatile and near-limitless in its applications that I bought it."

    Stephen Murphy, Pro Audio Review, January 2006
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    Pro Audio Review January 2007

    "For Gene Lawson, Microphones are Golden."

    Frank Beacham, Pro Audio Review, January 2007
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