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    L47MP MKII

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    L47MPII Vacuum Tube Condenser Microphone

    The Lawson L47MPII is a virtual grab bag of sonic goodies. Featuring Gene Lawson's recreation of the M7 capsule and the ability to select from cardioid, omni, figure 8, and infinite intermediate patterns, the L47MPII will please the most demanding audiophile. From rap to rock, opera to voiceover, country to classical, the L47MPII delivers magic. The L47MPII was awarded the prestigious Pro Audio Review Reviewer's Pick Award in 1997 after Dr. Fred Bashour declared the "L47MP sounded a lot more like a real Neumann" than the Neumann.

    L47MPII includes:

    • Lawson L47MPII Quick Change™ Capsule
    • Lawson Vacuum Tube Electronics
    • Lawson Universal Tube Mic Regulated Power Supply
    • 30' Vacuum Tube Mic Cable
    • Swivel Mic Holder
    • Power Cord
    • Spare 6N1P Vacuum Tube
    • Pelican Carrying Case
    • Operating Instructions
    • One Year Warranty extended to five years with product registration




    Featured testimonials:

    "I would just like to add my heartfelt comments to the tsunami of positive comments regarding Dr. Lawson's amazing L-47MP microphone. As a matter of background, I purchased an older (mid 50's) Neumann U 47 whilst stationed in Germany in 1972 as a USAF NCO. It served me well for many years until I could no longer affect adequate repairs. Seaching for an alternative replacement, I came upon Dr. Lawson's website in 1998. After reading the many favorable reviews and doing much independent study I ordered the L-47MP known then as the "Golden Goliath" (Serial #371). It became my AAA vocal mic immediately. Some two years later it just stopped working and I called Lawson Mics and guess who answered the phone... Dr. Lawson himself. He said, 'Send it to me...we'll pay the shipping both ways and get it back to you within two weeks.' I followed Gene's instructions and everything he promised came to pass. My L-47MP is still the centerpiece of my studio, my go-to AAA vocal mic, my first choice for violin, mandolin, cello or any other acoustic instrument. This mic has made me so much money that it's value is incalculable. Thank you so very much Dr. Lawson. Your amazing product and service have contributed in a very meaningful way to making my endeavors a resounding success."
    Gary Hangartner, Luna Blue Studio

    "My first thought on hearing the L47MPII was 'WOW.' My second thought was 'Damn! I need two!'"
    Bruce Wheelock, Flying Whale Recording, Grass Valley CA

    "So far the L47 has won every AB comparison we've tried--including a U47. Brilliant mic!"
    Stuart Hamilton, Castlesound Studios, Pencaitland, UK

    "Simply put: Your microphone, the Lawson L47MP, is world class in every way and stands heads above anything I have tried in its price range and then some. From the amazing 47ish sound, to its build quality, to the friendly unhurried customer service you provide, to the amazing sound (needed to say that one twice). There is much 'microphone lore' out there--This mic absolutely delivers the goods at a bargain price. My experience with Lawson Microphones is one of the best I have had in a long time."
    M. Schaffer

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    Pro Audio Review Feb 1997

    PAR 97 Reviewers Pick"If for some reason I were forced to sell off all my three-dozen tweaked-out vintage vacuum tube microphones, and were allowed to purchase only one pair of stock tube microphones to live with, the Lawson L47 would be my choice . . . In my opinion this is the microphone of choice for the project studio owner who wants to buy only one microphone."

    Dr. Frederick J. Bashour, Pro Audio Review, February 1997
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    MIX May 1998

    "If you're in the market for a world-class tube condenser, you cannot go wrong with the L47MP. It has the uncanny ability to sound great on almost any vocalist, as well as on a wide variety of instruments. The L47MP's construction is impeccable, it looks great, and it's quite affordable. What more could you ask for? I cannot praise this microphone enough. Don't wait--buy it."

    Michael Cooper, Mix, May 1998
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    Electronic Musician Feb 1998

    "For sheer tube magic, a realistic vintage vibe, and superb craftsmanship, the Lawson L47MP takes top honors. This mic has gobs of tube attitude, and in many cases can single-handedly impart a classic, fat, ultra-warm analog sound to your digital tracks."

    Brian Knave with Myles Boisen, Electronic Musician, February 1998
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    EQ Magazine Oct 1997

    "The Lawson L47MP is a heavyweight contender in the ring of multi-pattern tube mics. It's well-designed, well-constructed, and sounds great."

    Steve La Cerra, EQ "Audition," October 1997
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    Electronic Musician Apr 1999

    "This mic is my first choice for any vocal, reed instrument, electric guitar, or organ overdub, and for any source that would benefit from the thick low mids, creamy highs, and richness that only a tube mic can deliver . . . Furthermore, vocalists always seem to give 110 percent when you put this 'golden Goliath' in front of them."

    Myles Boisen, Electronic Musician, April 1999
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    Performing Songwriter Jul/Aug 2002

    "The Lawson L47MP is the new star of the show for me," [Malcolm Burns] continues.

    Bill DeMain, Performing Songwriter, Jul/Aug 2002
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    Pro Audio Review January 2007

    "For Gene Lawson, Microphones are Golden."

    Frank Beacham, Pro Audio Review, January 2007
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    Pro Audio Review January 2006

    "The finest compliment I can pay to the Lawson Tube/FET combo package is that it proved to be so versatile and near-limitless in its applications that I bought it."

    Stephen Murphy, Pro Audio Review, January 2006
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