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Lawson Tube/Fet Microphone Combo
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    Lawson Tube/Fet Microphone Combo

    Price: $3,390.00

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    Preferred finish for your Vacuum Tube Mic:
    Satin Nickel (Shown)
    Trademark Gold (Add $200.00) NOTE: Gold is currently unavailable.
    Preferred finish for your FET mic:
    Satin Nickel (Shown)
    Trademark Gold (Add $180.00) NOTE: Gold is currently unavailable.

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    Lawson Tube/FET Combo

    Lawson Tube/FET Microphone Combo

    Seriously? The only thing this package lacks is chocolate! But our guess is the Lawson Tube/FET Combo will satisfy even your chocolate truffle cravings. The Lawson Tube/FET Combo is like having four microphones for the price of two. There's enough flavor here to quench the staunchest addict.

    Let's say you want to use the L251 Tube Mic and the L47FET on a session today. Cool! Tomorrow you want to use the L47MKII Tube Mic and L251FET. No problem! Just swap the heads.

    The Lawson Tube/FET Combo includes:

    • Lawson Vacuum Tube Electronics
    • Lawson FET Electronics
    • L251 Quick Change™ Capsule--a faithful reproduction of the one inch capsule used in the Telefunken ELAM 251, a rare vintage mic renowned and coveted for its sparkling "airy" highs and warm solid lows
    • Lawson L47MPII Quick Change™ Capsule -- a faithful reproduction of the M7 capsule used in the legendary U47 and M49 microphones renowned for its versatility, warmth, and ability to stand out in a mix
    • Lawson Universal Tube Mic Regulated Power Supply featuring an infinitely adjustable pattern control, 10 dB pad control, and switchable Low Frequency Contour control
    • 30' Vacuum Tube Mic Cable
    • Two (2) Swivel Mic Holders
    • Power Cord
    • Spare 6N1P Vacuum Tube
    • Pelican Carrying Case
    • Operating Instructions
    • One Year Warranty extended to five years with product registration

    Choose the Lawson Tube/FET Mic Combo and save $100.00 over purchasing the L251/L47FET or L47MPII/L251FET separately!!



    Featured testimonials:

    "Since there’s no one mic for everything, I’m glad I decided to purchase the complete Lawson set. Gene has more than enough choices between FET and tube bases, and the capsule heads to fit anything I do. So many choices for so many voices.

    'I record multiple personalities each week for the show, so I needed more than just one microphone to fit the bill. After comparing the Korby mic system with the Lawson mics for a week here in my studio, Lawson’s were the winner hands down. I wanted a vintage mic sound without the problems of a vintage mic--the cost, parts and repair, reliability issues, etc. I had been using a Shure KLM 44 for the past couple of years, which is an ok voiceover mic, but limited as a singer’s mic, even for comedy. It was very flat and harsh sounding compared to the Lawson L47MP, which I use mainly with the FET base now for voiceover work, and the 251 tube base for singing.

    "I dropped by Lawson’s shop in Nashville one Saturday morning and Gene walked me through the entire process of his manufacturing. I came away very impressed over his dedication to making something unique in the world of retro microphones. He makes all his own capsules and bases himself to ensure quality, and the finished product is exceptional.

    "Thanks, Gene."

    Paul Shanklin
    Parody Artist and Frequent Contributor to the Rush Limbaugh Show

    "Just letting you know how much I'm enjoying my new mics from Gene and Gayle! I have tried them on a few different instruments (mainly vocals) and they sounded as good or better than my Neumann microphones on everything I recorded. I was surprised how much I liked the L47FET. Big warm bottom with a smooth midrange and open top. I even had a quick chat with Judy Rodman on your microphones and found out she worked with Gene and Ronny Light at Reflections Studio. Thanks for delivering a great sounding mic at a great price. May God bless you and Lawson Microphones!"
    Tom Guignette, Elyria OH

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    Pro Audio Review January 2006

    "The finest compliment I can pay to the Lawson Tube/FET combo package is that it proved to be so versatile and near-limitless in its applications that I bought it."

    Stephen Murphy, Pro Audio Review, January 2006
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    Pro Audio Review January 2007

    "For Gene Lawson, Microphones are Golden."

    Frank Beacham, Pro Audio Review, January 2007
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