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L47MP First Gen SN 444
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    L47MP First Gen SN 444

    Price: $1,795.00

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    L47MP SN 444

    L47MP First Generation Vacuum Tube Microphone SN 444

    Here's an amazing hardly-ever-happens Lawson vintage refurbished first generation L47MP Serial Number 444 manufactured in 1998. Most excellent condition!

    This vintage L47MP includes:

    • New Lawson L47MPII Quick Change™ Capsule
    • Original Lawson 6072 Vacuum Tube Electronics
    • Original Lawson Universal Tube Mic Regulated Power Supply 120VAC (can be rewired for 240VAC)
    • 30' Mogami ™ Vacuum Tube Mic Cable (6-pin Neutrik™ XLR connectors) (not shown)
    • Original Swivel Mic Holder
    • Original Power Cord (not shown)
    • Original Pelican™ Carrying Case (not shown)
    • Operating Instructions
    • One Year Warranty extended to five years with product registration

    Please call for additional details.