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Customer Care

Lawson products are manufactured in Nashville TN USA and sold exclusively by Lawson Inc. Our direct sales approach means you receive astounding wholesale prices on superior high-end equipment for your studio. Our quality and value are second to none. Prices of Lawson microphones would be inflated by 150 percent if sold through dealers. 

Lawson microphones offers one of the best warranties in the industry. Each Lawson microphone comes with a standard one-year warranty from date of purchase. When you complete the online product registration, the warranty is automatically extended to five years from date of purchase.


Year warranty

Privacy and Safety

We respect your right to privacy and only collect information necessary for us to complete your order or to contact you regarding the status of your order. We will not sell or share your name or personal information with anyone. Your personal information is secured via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Technology.

When you register your warranty online, at Lawson’s discretion and with your permission, your testimony and name and/or place of business may be published on the Lawson website.



Login to your Paypal account or bypass the login and use your credit card.

If you are a Venmo user, you can link your VENMO account to your Paypal account.


We accept Zelle!

At checkout, please select the Manual Payment option and proceed to your Zelle app or use Zelle through your banking app to send payment to!

Personal and bank checks accepted!

 Choose "manual payment" during checkout.

Your check must be received by Lawson Microphones within 30 days of your order date.

(Due date subject to change depending upon lead times.)

Payment Methods
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