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Lawson Electronics

There is wide discussion about the sonic differences between solid state microphones and their tube counterparts. Many engineers attribute a more "focused" or "clinical" sound to solid state or FET microphones and a “softer, warmer” their vacuum tube counterparts. Needless to say, there are differences in sound between the two electronics. In some instances, the truer sound of the FET mic is preferred; in other situations, the warmth and roundness of the tube mic is chosen.

Lawson Tube Electronics

To impart a warm, classic sound, Lawson vacuum tube mics (L47MPII and L251) utilize the 6n1P vacuum tube. Each tube is stringently tested and individually selected to meet low-noise guidelines.


To further insure highest performance and stability, an innovative, low loss tube socket is utilized employing NASA approved, heavily gold-plated beryllium copper contacts, resulting in unparalleled grip, low contact resistance, low noise and long life.


The vacuum tube is coupled through an esoteric capacitor and a Lundahl transformer.

Lawson FET Electronics

The Lawson FET electronics (L47FET and L251FET) are hand-wired using:

  • Super low noise field effect transistors (FET)

  • 1% metal film low noise resistors

  • Lundahl transformer

  • Gold-plated connectors

  • No integrated circuits or surface mount parts


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