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  • Where can I buy Lawson microphones and other Lawson gear?
    Lawson products are manufactured in Nashville TN USA and sold exclusively by Lawson Inc. Our direct sales approach means you receive astounding wholesale prices on superior high-end equipment for your studio. Our quality and value are second to none. Prices of Lawson microphones would be inflated by 150 percent if sold through dealers. To order, please call us at 615.269.5542 from 9 am to 6 pm central time. Customers located in the USA and Canada may order 24/7 from our estore.
  • Where are Lawson capsules manufactured?
    Unlike many microphone manufacturers who purchase their capsules from an outside or overseas source, we manufacture the L47 and L251 capsules in our own Nashville machine shop. Each capsule is hand-lapped and the diaphragms are hand-tensioned in our lab in Nashville TN USA.
  • Do Lawson products come with a warranty?
    Absolutely! We offer one of the best warranties in the industry. Each Lawson microphone comes with a standard one-year warranty from date of purchase. If you complete the online product registration, the warranty is automatically extended to five years from date of purchase.
  • What is Lawson’s return policy or can I audition Lawson mics without obligation?
    We understand that the best way for you to audition a microphone is to have it in your own environment, test it with your other gear, A/B it with other microphones, speak/sing/play into it. We want you to love what you hear. So when you purchase a Lawson microphone, you have ten days to audition it and fall in love. We offer a no risk, no questions asked return policy. You may return your Lawson microphone for ANY reason within the ten day audition period and receive a full refund (less shipping cost). RMA number is required.
  • Does Lawson sell demos or blems?
    Since Lawson controls all manufacturing processes in-house, we rarely have blems (cosmetically challenged) microphones. Demo units are extremely rare. All microphones must meet or exceed superior sonic parameters. Thus, we DO NOT sell sonically inferior units. Any blems or demos are discounted according to the severity of the cosmetic flaw or, in the case of demos, the age and amount of usage. Although blems and demos are hard to find, it does happen once in a great while. If you’re interested in a discounted model, please call or shoot us an email stating your interest.
  • What are the sonic differences between the L47MPII and the L251?
    Both the L47MPII and the L251 are excellent microphones for recording vocals. Each has been lauded as a superb vocal microphone. The L47MPII is great for male and female vocals and acoustic instruments. (The L47MPII is our most popular mic.) The L47 capsule has a gentle boost in the 3 to 5 kHz range (about 2 dB rise), a small bump around 9 kHz, and afterward is flat to 20 kHz. On the majority of voices, the L47MPII is an excellent choice without any tendency toward sibilance and would be our recommendation for an all-around great vocal mic. It especially shines on vocal and acoustic instruments such as guitar and bass, woodwinds, and piano. The L251 vacuum tube mic is the ideal choice if you’re looking for extra air on male and female voices. The L251 capsule exhibits a gentle bump in the 4 kHz region (about 2 dB rise) and a relatively large bump centered at 11 to 12 kHz of almost 5 dB. Because of this high frequency bump, the L47MPII would be a better choice for vocalists who have a tendency toward sibilance. However, the L251 can be used effectively with these voices with a good de-esser program. It too is great on acoustic instruments and is a great microphone for picking up room ambience on such instruments as strings, drums, woodwinds, trumpets. Artists such as Vince Gill and Celine Dion regularly use a 251 for their vocals. If you like it bright and airy, the L251 would be your best choice.
  • What is the difference between the L47MP MK1 and the L47MP MKII?
    Here's a summary of the features that distinguish the L47MPII from the MK1 model: The MKII uses the 6n1P vacuum tube whereas the original MK1 used the 6072. Although each is a nine-pin tube, they are not interchangeable. The 6n1P is in current production and less expensive to replace. The Lawson L251 was introduced with the 6n1P tube. Only after the L251's success and extensive listening tests was the decision made to change the L47MP tube circuitry to the 6n1P. The 6n1P gives the MKII lower self noise and higher sound pressure capability. The MKII uses a beefier power supply to accommodate the 6n1P circuitry. The MKII has a low frequency contour switch on the power supply. Although the low frequency contour switch may be used with the L47MPII, it is mostly used with the L251 microphone. In the "-Bass/251" position, the L251 emulates the original frequency response of the Tele ELAM 251. The MKII has a cardioid only switch on the base of the microphone. When engaged, this switch disables the multi-pattern control and gives the microphone an additional 3dB higher gain. The MKII uses a Lundahl audio transformer in place of the original Jensen. The Lundahl handles higher sound pressure levels and has a sweeter, more musical character with less distortion in the low frequencies. The original L47MP1 and MKII use the same Lawson creation of the 47 capsule, although we now totally control that process in the Lawson lab.
  • International customer?
    We love you! Lawson Incorporated is the exclusive manufacturer and worldwide seller of Lawson microphones. At this time, our online store is available to customers in the USA and Canada. If you are an international customer and would like to place an order, please call us at 615.269.5542 or email us. In many cases, your order can be handled via email communication.
  • What about voltages?
    Can the Lawson tube mic power supply accommodate international AC mains/voltages?Yes. The Lawson tube mic power supply can be factory set for the following: 100/120/200/220/240 VAC.
  • What forms of payment does Lawson accept from international customers?
    Lawson accepts payment from verified international Paypal account holders. We also accept bank-to-bank wire transfer of funds.
  • Can I get a Pro Forma Invoice?
    Of course! If you are thinking about purchasing a Lawson mic and would like to receive a Pro Forma Invoice for consideration, please call or contact us. We welcome the opportunity to assist you!
  • What about duties, taxes, brokerage, or other import charges?"
    Import charges, including duties, taxes, and brokerage, will be collected upon delivery by FedEx or other carrier. Lawson will give an estimate of these charges based on the carrier's estimate.
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