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FET Board

Lawson FET Electronics

Lawson FET electronics are hand-wired using:

  • Super low noise field effect transistors (FET)

  • 1% metal film low noise resistors

  • Lundahl transformer

  • Gold-plated connectors


No integrated circuits or surface mount parts are used.

The Lawson FET electronics is small and convenient and operates on 48V phantom supplied from your mic pre/console. There is only one cable (3-pin XLR) required to connect your L47FET or L251FET to your mic pre or console.


Pads and Cuts

0/-10/-20 dB Pad

With the three position pad switch, zero, -10, -20 dB of attenuation can be accessed. With the -10 or -20 dB  pad engaged, the sound pressure level (SPL) increases to 145 dB and 155 dB respectively allowing you to record whispers to explosive levels.

Flat/Low Cut

A two-position switch allows either a flat (F) or low-cut (LC) characteristic. The LC position is a gentle 6 dB per octave rolloff starting at 100 Hz.

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