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Lawson L251 Capsule

The integrity of the capsule, more than any other element, determines the microphone's character as a transducer.


Lawson's L251 one-inch capsule design is based on the ELAM 251 (CK12) capsule originally manufactured by AKG for sale under the Telefunken name in 1959. The same capsule was also used in the AKG C12.

Lawson's L251 capsule features:

  • Assembled and hand-lapped in Lawson's machine shop located in Nashville TN

  • Critically tensioned with dual gold-sputtered 3-micron diaphragms in the Lawson lab

  • Supported by Lawson's proprietary shock mounting system

  • Quick Change™-- May be used on Lawson TUBE or FET electronics

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