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Lawson L251FET Testimonials

"Thank you! I used the Lawson L47MP on my 1st album and now received the L251FET and can't wait to hear it for my new album"

MarQue Mesa, Berkeley CA

"I know I had ten days to try the L251FET, but 10 seconds was enough. The perfect complement to my L47's punch. incredible air and bottom."

Doug Sikes, Oran MO

"Best mics for the $$!! Have the L47MP and that plus this (L251FET) made me sell my U87."

Ken Mettler, New Cumberland PA

"Wonderful addition to the L47MP!"

Jaice Rohrer, Haiku HI

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the L47 tube MP I received last year, using it on just about anything and everything. I look forward to using this L251FET just as much."

Scott Applegate, Clover SC

"The L251FET is a fine addition to my L47."

Steve Steckler, Takoma Park MD

"Great and beautiful microphone. It is really enhancing my audio experience."

Gonzalo Vargas, San Leandro CA

"Great mic. I want one more."

Terrence Sledge, Fairhope AL

"Thanks again. Sounds great. Clear sound with fat lows and nice highs."

Brian Sledge, Fairhope AL

"The start of a 'true fine audio dining' experience. Clients continually comment on the detail and sweetness of your mics. Like a good restaurant . . . I'll keep coming back. Thank you again!"

Jim Chaney, Jamison PA

"I'm in love with the sound of the L251 head. Thanks for making near perfection so affordable and attainable."

Richard Talbot, Gilbert AZ


Kurt Reil, Highland Park NJ

"Great products--top notch service and care. The vocals sit 'in the pocket' like no other mic I have used. Thanks!"

Ken, Aptos CA

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