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L47MP Capsule

Lawson L47 Capsule

The integrity of the capsule, more than any other element, determines the microphone's character as a transducer.


Lawson's L47 one-inch capsule design is based on the M7 capsule used in the U47/M49 microphones.

Lawson's L47 capsule features:

  • Solid brass construction machined in Lawson's Nashville machine shop

  • Hand-lapped to a mirror finish in the Lawson lab

  • Critically tensioned in the Lawson lab with dual 3-micron gold-sputtered diaphragms to improve and extend high frequency response

  • Supported by Lawson's proprietary shock mounting system that (1) eliminates the need for external spider-type mounting systems and (2) filters out vibrations that may travel through the mic cable and or mic stand into the microphone

  • Quick Change™-- May be used on Lawson TUBE or FET electronics

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