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Lawson L47FET Testimonials

"I am thrilled with this mic! I had looked and looked for a mic that would not alter my voice--the Lawson was it! Thank you for a great company.'"
Kara Edwards-Suchan, Pineville NC

"Great and beautiful microphone. It is really enhancing my audio experience. Thank you!"
Gonzalo Vargas, Inkuyo, San Leandro CA

"Unbelievable mic!! I was blown away! I also own an L251 and now I have 4 mics. Thanks, Gene for making the world's greatest mics!"
Bruno Ravel, Soundcheckers Studios, West Hempstead NY

"Better than a Neumann. Better frequency response. Better warranty. Better price."
Joseph Burns, Don Schaeffer Pro-Voice, Sharpsburg GA

"Lawson rocks!"
A J Carauskas, Dungeon of Noise Recording, Alsip IL

"Love this mic. Already looking forward to a beautiful relationship. Finally a 'FET 47' I can use!"
David Minehan, Woolly Mammoth Sound, Waltham MA

"I bought this to replace a Neumann TLM49 and I couldn't be happier! I can't wait to get more capsules and a tube package."
Don Gunn, Seattle WA

"The best mic I've owned. It's the most versatile mic of the three other condensers I have. Excellent mic at a very reasonable price. Gene really knows his craft."
Charlie Vaughn, Madison TN

"The L47FET sounds amazing on guitar and trumpet. My matched pair work perfectly on drum overheads."
Ed Klancnik, Ranch Recordings, Carleton MI

"This mic is perfect! It has a vibrant, larger than life quality without sounding hyped. It's truthful yet flattering. Thank you!"
Kyle Querec, North Syracuse NY

"Simply awesome!"
Steve Stone, Stone Creative Productions, Beaver Falls PA

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