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Lawson L47MPII Testimonials

"I've spent several hours A/B-ing the L47MPII with a vintage U89 and the Lawson blows the U87 away. For both my acoustic guitar and vocals, the difference is dramatic. This is a GREAT mic!"
Jeff Troxel, Cody WY

Jim Agrippe, Turbo Studios LLC, Lyndhurst OH

"Superb craftsmanship. Outstanding customer service. Astonishing sounding microphones. Unbelievable value for money. To own a Lawson is to realize the accolades are true!"
Christopher Arendt, Bridgewater NJ

"The L47 revealed an apparent alternate audio reality I was not aware of before. I prefer this new reality to the old and I plan to go there often. Plainspeak: This mic is out-a-sight!"
Brian Holtz, Homeboy Int., Chicago IL

"The L47MP mic attracts a lot of attention with its stunning shell, causing people to wonde if it's as formidable on the inside as on the outside. So I fire it up to show folks that its superb sound even surpasses its physical beauty!"
Jarrod Lawson (no relation but we like him!), Canby OR

"What a beautifully crafted, wonderful musical instrument. This is the way products should be made and companies should be run. Thank you!"
Philip D. Davis, South Bend WA

"This microphone makes recordings sound REAL! It made recording fun again."
Allen Clapp, The Orange Peels, Sunnyvale, CA

"An amazing microphone. From the moment I put a vocal through the L47 I was blown away! +The company was a joy to do business with. Thank you!"
Christopher E. Brady, Portland OR

"What a beautifully crafted, wonderful musical instrument. This is the way products should be made and companies should be run. Thank you!"
Philip D. Davis, South Bend, WA

"My first thought on hearing the L47MP was 'WOW.' My second thought was 'Damn! I need two!"
Bruce Wheelock, Flying Whale Recording, Grass Valley, CA

"My L47MP arrives in its Pelican case right on time."
Johnny Martin, Portland, OR

"The clarity of vocals through the L47 is remarkable. An amazing microphone!"
Marty Rifkin, Rifkin Productions, Santa Monica, CA

"This mic can't be beat!"
Randy Battiste, Six String City Productions, Jamaica, NY

"I am absolutely blown away. Never in my life have I heard such a warm, pristine sounding microphone. It puts all of my other mics to shame. I never thought I would ever say, but now I will>>THIS MIC IS PERFECT."
Troy Thompson, T-Bone Productions, Argyle, WI

"We couldn't be happier with the service we received and most importantly the quality of the microphone. Thanks Gene and Gayle!"
Marks Hornsby, Ridenour Productions, Oakland Park, FL

"Sounds as golden as it looks. Thank you Lawson family."
Josh Schneyer, Tucson, AZ

"So far the L47 has won every AB comparison we've tried--including a U47. Brilliant mic!"
Stuart Hamilton, Castlesound Studios, Pencaitland, UK

"Simply put: Your microphone, the Lawson L47MP, is world class in every way and stands heads above anything I have tried in its price range and then some. From the amazing 47ish sound, to its build quality, to the friendly unhurried customer service you provide, to the amazing sound (needed to say that one twice). There is much 'microphone lore' out there--This mic absolutely delivers the goods at a bargain price. My experience with Lawson Microphones is one of the best I have had in a long time."
M. Schaffer

"Great mic!!!"
Paul David, Mesa, AZ

"Hey Gene! This mic is truly a work of art. I'm blown away by the sound of everything you put in front of it. Thanks for the magic."
Rick Bradshaw, Legend Recording, Pascagoula, MS

"Awesome vocal mic!! The L47's rich lows also capture double bass and drums beautifully. I find the L47MP MKII to be versatile and very musical. It was a pleasure and great learning experience visiting with you and Gayle. Until next time."
Brian Lahaie, Ontario, Canada

"This mic has been everything I wanted and more!! Its flexibility is amazing. I can't wait to get my hands on the L251."
Anthony Valdez, Savage Style Creations, Fremont, CA

"Gene, this mic is silky and delicious sounding. Everytime I put it up I am amazed and satisfied. Those big companies can keep their cheap condensers. I'm digging on the real thing."
Bennett Paster, Wurliboy Music, Brooklyn, NY

"Outstanding value and the best service anywhere! Thank you! I recommend this mic to everyone."
Maximillian Keene, Seattle, WA

"Fantastic mic! This mic has brought my vox tracks to a whole new level. Brilliant on acoustic guitars as well. I've also gotten some very pleasing results on stand up piano! Awesome tool . . . Thanks!"
Timothy Lyons, Blue Bass Recording, Port Jefferson Station, NY

"The decision process to spend money on a high quality microphone was difficult until we tried out a Lawson L47MP. Crystal clarity and a warm sound. Who says you can't buy a high quality mic for under 4 grand!"
Kari Arnold, Rock Slough Studio, Knightsen, CA

"Received in excellent condition. Put it to work in session that evening. It's the only mic I'll use on vocals. Comments include 'transparent,' 'you hear exactly what you think.'"
Claude Laforest, Maximus Sound, British Columbia, Canada

"The sound quality continues to amaze me to this day. I use this mic for everything and love the built-in EQ by varying the polar pattern. Changeable head/capsules makes this mic my best value!"
Todd R. Seibel, San Marcos, TX

"Fantastic mic!!! Best sound on vocals I've ever gotten. Thanks!!"
Tom Sanders, Easy Acoustics, Sierra Madre, CA

"By far the most beautiful looking microphone I've seen. By appearance alone, it makes you eager to record with it. The exceptional sound quality is the added, ultimate payoff!"
Patrick Bolen, Bolen Productions, Rolling Hills Estates, CA

"Never has one piece of equipment changed an entire process so quickly. Recording instruments and voice is so less labor intensive; everything sounds lovely."
Paul Intson, Alanson Street Music, Ontario, Canada

"The L47MP is not only my favorite vocal microphone it is also my favorite piece of recording gear. I'm always auditioning new gear and have compared the L47MP to a lot of other mics including Soundelux and Neumann. I'll have to say that nothing gives a voice the magic that your mic does. I'm very content that there is just no mic out there as good as the L47MP. Now how about a Lawson mic preamp."
Mike Coldsnow, Mogadore, OH

"Ten days to decide if you want to keep it; ten seconds to decide you need another one."
Daniel Dyer, Dyer Media Services, Los Angeles, CA

"The L47MP far exceeded my exceedingly high expectations! Love the versatility of multi multi multi pattern feature."
Pete Droge, Tree Farm Studio, Vashon Island, WA

"Very big, warm sound. Really stands out in a mix without compression or EQ--Pure Magic!!"
P. Tuttle, Michican

"The Lawson L47MP sends all mic manufacturers back to the drawing board."
Steven McCoy, Houston, TX

"I'm not happy; I'm ecstatic!! I love it--and so do my clients. So far I've secured two voiceover jobs with this mic . . . demos improved 100%!"
Steve Cunningham, Acme Voiceworx, Los Angeles, CA

"Exceptional quality mic that meets or exceeds standards set by other brand microphones that cost twice as much."
Jim Seal, Altered Sounds Music, Antioch, TN

"WOW, just WOW! Makes my C414 and my Blueberry sound like toy microphones. Thanks, Gene, for helping me find the MAGIC."
Jerry Soukal, Bartlett, IL

"Stunning--looking and sounding."
James M. LeFavour, Edgewater Records, Marietta, GA

"Everything recorded on the L47MP sits beautifully in the mix without having to EQ. Great, clean, smooth sound. Blew away everything I heard at AES (including Neumann 149)."
Richard J. Freitas, The Dovetail Group, Inc., Milford, CT

"It took a few minutes after hearing this microphone to pick my jaw up off the floor. I must say it has far exceeded my expectations. It would have been a bargain at twice the price. Thank you so much."
Jay Peterson, Advance Concepts, Vienna, VA

"Accurate, without sounding clinical or sterile. Better midrange detail than U47 (old tube type)."
Terry Oubre, Primo Records & Musical Instruments, Austin, TX

"Tried it. Sounds like magic! It even made my voice sound good!"
Burt Levine, 21st Century Productions, Los Angeles, CA

"This is a phenomenal and very versatile microphone, which holds its own with every other mic in my cabinet. It fits right in with mics 2 to 3 times its value. On the drum kit, piano, guitar amp, vocals--it never was disappointing. A nice bottom without being tubby. I also love the fact that the capsule is actually made in the USA and covered by a great warranty! I'm sure this adds to the consistency between mics."
Ted White, Studio Intonato, Manhattan Beach, CA

"Have only tried the L47MP once so far but have loved the tone we got on tenor sax. Very satisfied. Tremendous value. Selling direct is great. Keeps the price point low."
Kevin Hennessey, Bolton, CT

"I haven't even heard the mic yet, but I am overwhelmed by the personal integrity erupting from every aspect of the package I received in the mail. It was Christmas and I was an excited 8 year old! Your product represents the alternative to disposable mass-market consumerism. Amen."
John Hiser, San Francisco, CA

"A truly magnificent microphone! My Neumanns are spending most of their time in their cases these days . . ."
Paul Avgerinos, Studio Unicorn, Redding, CT

"This mic is outstanding! I bought this mic just from word of mouth. No wonder the Beatles stuff sounds so good, and anybody else that used a U47. This thing sounds just like it! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!"
Ray Castro, Mojo Moon Recorders, Portola Valley, CA

"Our studio has several top notch Neumann tube mics, as well as many other choices of tube and ribbon microphones. Consistently, for electric guitar amps, the L47 is the favorite for most of the rock bands being recorded here. It has also served incredibly well for bass drum, vocals and any acoustic instruments. It is a great deal financially, and very durable. It handles the SPL of 50 and 100 watt Marshall amps with great character. A very 'do it to you in your eardrums sound'! Thanks, Gene, for being true to fine craft."
Mike McCarthy, Boiler Room, Austin, TX

"I have eight Lawson mikes and they are my first choice for vocals, overheads, saxes, acoustic guitar, and piano. Also, the short body FET is our favorite kick drum mike. Can't say enough about the high quality of Gene Lawson's products."
Tom Borthwick, Sound Investments Recording, Scranton, PA

"If you want it back you'll have to come to Norway! The pattern selector knob works great! At 11 o'clock my vocals sound warm and fat. At 2 o'clock my guitars are nice and bright. YES!"
Stein Bratland, Skansen Lydstudio, Trondheim, Norway

"Amazing mic, really warm. It sounds great on male and female vocals. This is a plug it and hit record. It blew away mics twice the price when I brought it to the studio on the last album I worked on. Thanks! Now I have to order the L251."
Mario de Arce, Augus, Inc., NY, NY

"Beautiful. Thank you for making classic sound affordable!"
George Boespflug, Houghton College, Houghton, NY

"It's refreshing to deal with a company that not only offers a superior product, but has the competent support to back it up. We couldn't be more pleased with our purchase."
Dave Fore, Pound for Pound Recording Studio, Bakersfield, CA

"I heard the L47MP in a session last year. The studio was full of vintage mics, but the owner suggested I try the Lawson. I couldn't believe the sound and the price; so I bought my own."
Bret Alexander, The Badlees, Inc., Wapwallopen, PA

"There is no better value in microphones today. This was the missing link at Ambient House."
Darren Bowls, Ambient House Recording, Yucaipa, CA

"This microphone sounds beautiful! The clarity, warmth, depth, and brightness is outstanding. This is now my favorite vocal mic. This mic sounds as good if not better than tube mics costing twice as much."
John Ellis, Prism Sound Recording Studio, Inc., Action, MA

"I used the L47MP throughout my debut album for lead vocals and background vocals. The microphone made the vocals thick and warm. Perfect vintage."
MarQue d. Mesa, Studio Q-13/Mesa Arts, Berkeley, CA

"Great open sound. As a singer, it makes me want to sing better than I can!! Can't wait to get a 2nd one! Great on electric guitar as well."
Tom Lucas, South Orange, NJ

"Crystal clear vocals, warm fuzzy piano, very musical!"
Steve Culp, Triad Studios, Redmond, WA

"I am ecstatic at the sound quality of the L47MP! It has been a wonderful addition to my studio. The continuously variable pattern provides excellent flexibility . . . a great value. Thank you!"
Nathanael J. Iversen, Iversen Enterprises, Dover, NJ

"Neumann, AKG, eat your heart out!!!"
Kirk Sullivan, Daphne, AL

"My clients love the way the mic looks even before they hear the great sound it delivers. Also, my wife, finally after years said that she actually liked something I bought!"
Fred Guarino, Tiki Recording Studios, Inc., Glen Cove, NY

"Rich, full, great low end extension."
George B. Brown, Higher Ground Studios, Bessemer, AL

"Since receiving this mic, other mics in my collection aren't seeing as much action. I've used it on everything--vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar-- and I love the results. Thanks for making such a great product."
Patrick Dolan, Matchbox Studios, Evanston, IL

"Thanks for offering the sound of a legend at a fraction of the price."
Vincent M. Ciamarra, Buffalo, NY

"This is a remarkable product with great versatile patterns. We just used it on a brand new anthem for Kosovo refugees and it was stellar! Thanks."
Richard Klender, Working Solutionz, Simi Valley, CA

"A beautifully crafted, quality tool that sounded great when compared to mega-dollar modified Teutonic classics. Thanks for your commitment to produce a modern classic, Gene!"
Mike Ravain, Flagler Pro Audio Associates, Flagler Beach, FL

"In an A/B test with the L47MP up against three great sounding Telefunken U47's, a C12, C12VR, and an M49, the L47MP held its own and had us all in amazement. In my opinion the Lawson is clearly the best mic for the money. I certainly never expected this mic to sound sooooo good on so many things (vocals, drums, percussion, overheads, horns). One peek inside the mic (taking things apart is what us curious folks do) revealed to me what build quality should be. From the huge MIT cap, the Jensen transformer, to the ingenious use of a D-sub connector for the capsule body, my hat is off to Gene Lawson. He has brought that vintage mic sound to the masses with quality as good as any well built German mic. I highly recommend the L47 to anyone looking to buy a premier vocal/instrument mic. One listen and you'll be hooked. I was!"
Lee Quintana, Q Factor Productions, Modesto, CA

"Used the L47MP yesterday to do a PBS shoot for the band Solas live from Flynn Theater, Burlington, UT. Unanimously acclaimed best sounding mic ever! Vocals were brilliant."
John Anthony, Maja Music, Philadelphia, PA

"This is the smoothest and most vibrant sounding mic I've ever had the pleasure to use. An associate of mine has a pair of U47's. We A/B'd them to the Lawson mike; he didn't want to admit it and I was reluctant to say it, but the Lawson absolutely smoked the Neumanns. Brighter, quicker, and more alive. My compliments to the chef."
Stewart C. Simon, Audio Madness, Berkley, MI

"Got it Friday morning. Friday night, put it on a Marshall cabinet for some righteous crunch guitar. I can hardly wait to try it on vocals!"
David Gakle, Suspect Studios, Sunnyvale, CA

"The L47MP has the warm vibrant clarity reminiscent of classic recordings such RUBBER SOUL (Beatles) at an affordable price."
David J. Mahanes, New York, NY

"My recent upgrade to the L47MP has made one of the most appreciable differences my studio has seen in years. No other piece of gear at this price range could have increased my overall sound quality by such a quantum leap. The vocals shine, the guitars shimmer, and the multiple patterns let me control room ambience with stunning accuracy. Great job!"
Michael Brosco, Brosco Audio, Urbana, IL

"Compare and WOW!"
Marco Liechti, Switzerland

"Microphone's protective case is of sturdy elements. From taking them out of the shipping box, I saw the start of quality, then listening was just wonderful--clarity, warmth--the diction came out more audibly with roundness."
Jeffrey A. Shaner, R.A.M.P., Inc., Columbus, OH

"Easily the smartest mic investment the project or pro recordist can make. A superb instrument."
Kyle W. Harris, Playr Recording, Phoenix, AZ

John R. Hagstrom, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Chicago, IL

Michael J. Pugsley, Explosive Studios, Columbia Heights, MN

"An absolutely amazing microphone!"
Thomas J. Herling, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

"I waited over six months for the L47MP . . . I would have waited a year; it's that good."
Myles Kennedy, Spokane, WA

"Makes a great 'first impression.' Then when they hear it, they're really excited. Vocals cut through heavy mixes without harshness--really smooth. Huge electric guitars. Good room mic--very balanced. Everything seems to be of very high quality."
Matthew L. Bell, Northlake Studio, Otley, IA

"Thanks, Gene, for helping to take the AntFarm Studio to a new level. We auditioned many microphones (a few were high cost German mics) before we settled on the L47MP tube microphone. The L47MP has only been in use here for about one month, but has excelled on male and female vocals, percussion, acoustic guitars, a drum room mic, etc. . . . A prominent producer from Nashville, while here at AntFarm, commented that the L47MP sounded better than the U47 that he had just paid over $5,000 for!! I can't wait to get a second one!!!!"
Anthony Gravley, AntFarm Productions, Greenwood, SC

"Thumbs up! The L47 Gold Tube Mic and the TLM 170 are my two favorite mics. The L47 was used on vocals for the Blessid Union of Souls album'Home' (EMI Records) which included the number one hit 'I Believe' Blessid Union loved the mic so much that they insisted it be featured in their 'Let Me Be the One' video."
Mark Liggett, Ligosa Records, Cincinnati, OH

"The L47 is an extremely versatile mic, especially in our situation where you might have several different vocalists in a limited amount of time. You need a mic that will handle powerful vocals, keep the warmth and clarity of the voice, and quiet enough to allow you to bump the gain to catch the subtle nuances of the soft, sweet vocals. The Lawson mic has made our job much easier and quicker getting the sounds we need when we need them."
T. W. Cargile, County Q Productions, Nashville, TN

"The L47 A.B.s with a U47 like you won't believe!"
J. Gary Smith, Malloy Boys Studio, Nashville, TN

"Incredible mic for female vocals--clean, full sound without being overly bright and handles a lot of SPL without overload. It beat my AKG C12VR in the richness of sound. I can't wait to get another one and try it in a stereo distant pickup situation."
Michael Yoshida, KPFA, Berkeley, CA

"Gene, great job. This mic is now one of my favorites, often first call from my collection of over 40 different mics. It never sounds bad and is just magic in some applications."
Stephen B. Meyer, ESR Studios, Port Washington, NY

"It didn't take long to realize that I'm going to need another one of these!! Looks and sounds fabulous on everything. I am running it through a Manley Voxbox. It must be heard to be believed."
Mark Michaelson, Wonder Dog Sounds, Marietta, GA

"Worth every anxious moment I waited. The best value of any musical piece I've ever bought. It's like having several mics in one and so many applications to boot! Tell everyone there what an excellent job they do and thanks Mr. Lawson for a masterpiece."
Jim Chaney, Salem Soundworks, Warminster, PA

"Only used for lead vocals so far. But I am very happy with the character and response. 10:30 seems to be the magic spot on the dial. One artist I work with likes it better than any mic ever--and she's tried them all. Thanx!"
Mark Keefner, Waymo Music, Van Nuys, CA

"Very detailed. Huge sound. I am very pleased. The quality of construction is excellent. Sounds wonderful on acoustic instruments and male as well as female vocals. A must for every mic locker."
Scott Fafrak, Dwarven Humour RCMP, San Jose, CA

"Gorgeous in appearance and sound."
John K. Larson, Chicago, IL

"Our studio needed a tube mic but out budget was limited. The L47 is a great investment towards a tube mic."
Michael Demarinis, Audio Excellence, Milford, MA

"Great for vocals!"
Austin Roberts, Nashville, TN

"The best 'new' tube mic I've heard, and add to that the great price, you can't beat it."
Don Sternecker, Mic-O-Lydian Studio, Lafayette, NJ

"This mic is so bright it makes my 414 sound muffled."
Gillian DeLear, Southwest Sound Prod., Tucson, AZ

"I think the L47MP is a tremendous bargain. I did a comparison with a U67 and didn't hear a significant difference. Definitely not even close to a few thousand dollars difference!"
Rick Kraushaar, Amber Sky Music Prod., Studio City, CA

"Very big yet open sound--much more versatile than our U87 or AKG 'The Tube.' Good for vocals, violin, harmonica, steel string guitar. So pleasant to listen to--no harshness at all!"
Tom Ohmsen, Flat Five Press & Rec. Co., Salem, VA

"The L47 hangs right in there with all of our expensive vintage mics. For the price, there is no better value."
Warren Peterson, Javelina Recording, Nashville, TN

"The Lawson L47MP blew away all other tube mics in its price range and held its own with the most expensive ones we compared it with. It held up recording even the toughest sound fx! Thanks, Gene."
James L. Ashwill, One Step Up, Inc., N. Hollywood, CA

"Everybody who uses the L47MP loves this mic!"
Randy Porter, Milan, OH

"I used the L47MP for the first time...I can't believe the difference it made on an acoustic guitar!! Everyone in the band agreed...It was the best that guitar ever sounded!!! Vocals are also amazing!!! Looking forward to my next Lawson mic."
Benjamin Ridley, The Bone Yard, Warren, MI

"Wonderful! Great transparency. Not only a great vocal mic, but wonderfully suited to acoustic instruments. Reminds me of the old 251 mic."
Joey Miskulin, Music Wagon, Nashville, TN

"Wonderfully warm...transparent...I wouldn't use anything else for acoustical instruments...great for vocals!"
Scott Reandeau, Hot Sox Music, Chicago, IL

Ken Kresge, Digital Streams, NY, NY

"The first day we had the L47MP in the studio we were able to use it on a female vocalist and everyone agreed that it added a 'roundness' to the vocal that we had been searching for. It looks snazzy too."
Chas Payson, Echo Beach Studios, Jupiter, FL

"Superb sound!!!"
Gerald R. Putnam, CedarHouse Sound & Mastering, New London, NH

"Great sound and a great price."
Bryan Savage, Bryan Savage Prod., Woodland Hills, CA

"Absolutely outstanding. Smooth, rich, and completely natural sounding. My vocals sound exactly like I've always pictured them but could never obtain before the L47MP. Wow! Thank you."
Craig Holliman, The Black Room Studios, Minneapolis, MN

"Love the mike. It's doing a fantastic job on my fiddle and mando, or whatever I choose to put it on."
Aubrey Haynie, Pegram, TN

"The clarity is what I love about the L47. From vocals to drums to every instrument in's too good not to use on everything."
Joe Funderburk, Creative Workshop, Nashville, TN

"It was love at first sound! I was looking for a bright, fat sound that would have gentle sibilant qualities, and the L47 is unbelievable! It's also gorgeous. You rule, dude!"
Kenneth B. Long, Jr., Charlotte, NC

"I will never use another microphone other than the L47 on my guitar."
Douglas Thornton, Covington, KY

"There is no other mic in this $ range that I have used that compares to this mic, in any way. What a superb piece of craftsmanship. Thank you, Gene Lawson!"
MJ Potter, Ikhaya Studios, Midland Park, NJ

"What a great sounding microphone, my voice finally sounds just like I've always wanted it to sound. Thanks."
John D. Campbell, Studio "C", E. Lansing, MI

"The best thing about Lawson products is the wonderful people. It's very refreshing to know you can pick up the phone and get a person who cares."
Mark Nikolich, Atomic Audio, Inc., Tampa, FL

"Beautiful! Looks and sound. I'm looking forward to many musical sessions with it."
Dr. E.P.T. James, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

"Won't be putting it into use for a few months, but so far I'm mightily impressed with the way you do business. Love your mission--love your methods. I will put it to good use."
Chris Richards, Ten High Ranch Recordings, Glendale, CA

"I've been using the L47MP mainly on vocals and horns. The sound is full, warm, and detailed. I love this mic. Thanks for a wonderful product and superior service."
Robert Santos, Mashpee, MA

"Beautiful detail on subtle sources. thanks so much for the wonderful mic."
Doug Floyd, Lahaina, HI

"Beautiful sounding, versatile and classic in every sense. Best money we've spent on a high end mic."
Barry Gibbons, Platinum Sound & Mastering Labs, SLC, UT

"Sounds every bit as good as the old U47. Great warmth and clarity."
Bill Halverson, David James Entertainment, Cincinnati, OH

Kristoph Klover, Flowinglass Music, Oakland, CA

"This is one great mic . . . It is warm, detailed. Well rounded. It works to capture everything flawlessly and then enhances the sound in a way that compliments the source. Thanks, Gene."
Van Eaton, Oak Ridge, TN

"Sounded beautiful on a Guild F50R I've recorded recently. Really reached out and grabbed its full tone. The variable pattern allowed me to draw out the right balance of overtones and room sound. Can't wait to use it on the next project!"
Tom Belcher, World Systems, Cleveland, OH

"Sounds incredible! Much more detail and warmth than my U87."
Dave Walser, Blue Moon Studios, Dallas, TX

"You guys are an absolute pleasure to deal with. I haven't even heard the mic, but your customer service is wonderful. Gayle was great. Thanks."
John M. Akred, Spoonfed, Inc., Chicago, IL

"Wonderful sound and exquisite quality! One step closer to Dr. Fred's collection."
Glenn B. Martin, Matrix Rock & Roll, Wrentham, MA

"Thicker and warmer than my U87 without the boominess. Nothing at this price even comes close. This is a world class mic for the price of a project mic."
Brian Frost, Narnia Studios, Evanston, IL

"Everything I hoped it would be . . . My voice work has entered a new era . . . I'm a happy camper."
Larry Homuth, Ad Lab Studio, Fargo, ND

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