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The Lawson 110A Mic Pre/DI is a blast from the past. The Lawson 110A Mic Pre/DI is a two channel mic pre based on the original vintage Spectra Sonics (patented in 1965) 110A discrete pre amp card. The Lawson 110A Mic Pre/DI also includes Hi Z direct instrument inputs that utilize discrete super low noise field effect transistors (FETs). In the DI mode, the output of the FETs feeds the input of the 110A card for adjustable gain.

110A Mic Pre/DI

  • 110A Mic Pre/DI Features:


    • Two channels with large VU meters, switchable 48V phantom, and phase reversal switch;
    • Lundahl transformers on input and output with special attention to the impedance ratio of the input transformer;
    • Film capacitors used on I/O of 110A amplifier card (instead of low quality electrolytic capacitors used in the original);
    • Balanced continuously variable input pad (long life high quality conductive plastic dual potentiometers);
    • Ruler flat frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz;
    • Modest 55 maximum dB gain (designed specifically for condenser microphones);
    • Extremely low distortion, virtually unmeasurable;
    • Overload recovery time is 1 micro second for up to 1000% overload;
    • Hand-selected low noise discrete transistors matched for beta;
    • Only the very finest components including Neutrik gold-plated XLR connectors, 1% metal film resistors, highest quality long frame 1/4” jacks for DI, Gotham shielded cable used for internal wiring, toroidal transformer on power supply, anodized aluminum front panel with permanent lettering;
    • Designed for ease of use (straightforward uncomplicated layout of controls);
    • Five year warranty;
    • Made in Nashville TN USA by Lawson Microphones.
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