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The Lawson L251 capule is fashioned after the highly sought-after Telefunken ELAM 251/AKG C12. It features gold-sputtered dual 3-micron Mylar diaphragms, Lawson's proprietary internal shock mount, and ultra-flexible hookup wire.


Each Lawson L251 capsule is machined in Lawson's state-of-the-art CNC machine shop, hand-lapped to insure accurate tolerances, and hand-diaphragmed in the Lawson lab.


The L251 DIY capsule is ready to install in your DIY project.


NOTE: Lawson capsules are tested and verified by Gene Lawson. Customer assumes responsibility for proper installation in customer's microphone. Due to the extremely fragile nature of microphone capsules, Lawson capsules are exempt from return/audition policy. Lawson will be happy to install capsule at customer's request at no additional charge.

L251 Capsule DIY

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