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Lawson microphones feature Lawson's Quick Change™ capsules. Quick Change™ capsules are universal and interchangeable with all Lawson microphones in the Quick Change™ system including the L47MPII, L47FET, L251 tube mic, and L251FET. Any of these models will accept the Quick Change™ capsule/head assemblies from all other models.


For example, an L47MPII tube mic can be converted into an L251 by simply purchasing the L251 Quick Change™ capsule. Remove the L47MP Quick Change™ capsule from the Lawson Vacuum Tube Electronics and plug in the L251 Quick Change™ capsule. The conversion is complete!


Pictured: Left--L47MP Quick Change™ capsule; Right--L251 Quick Change™ capsule showing the connector that plugs into the Lawson Vacuum Tube Electronics and/or Lawson FET Electronics.


NOTE: All first generation L47MP mics accept Quick Change™ capsules; however, some early models may require a slight no-cost modification to permit full multi-pattern functionality. Please call for details.

L251 Quick Change™ Capsule

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