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STUDER A 810 REEL TO REEL WITH CART Serial Number 1636


This Studer A 810 was used in my Nashville recording studio The Reflections. I bought it new directly from Studer. It has been stored in my smoke-free climate-controlled business over the past several years. The MPU and CD Control cards have recently been refurbished by CS Electronics in Indiana and fully serviced and certified "in perfect working order" and "totally up to specs" by Nashville Studer guru Terry Palmer.


This A810 is 1/4" half track stereo with four selectable tape speeds: 3-3/4, 7-1/2, 15, and 30 ips.


Randy Blevins, Nashville audio tech and owner of Blevins Audio, visited our shop to check out and do a head report on the Studer A810. You can find the video of his report here.


Description of service by CS Electronics:

Diagnostic and repair of 1.8100780.21 MPU Card

--Replace 2 sockets

--Replace SN74HC573 in same position

--Replace SN7705ACP Watchdog timer

--Replace EPROM's with new programmed w. 01/88 software

Diagnostic and repair of 1.810.750.81 TD Control Card:

--Replace 7 SN75463P Buffer/Driver IC's


Description of service by Terry Palmer:

8 hours technical service

--Rebuild 3 motor drive PCBs

--Replace electrolytic capacitors

--Replace cpu battery

--Clean lube all pots, switches, connectors, transport parts

--Adjust transport and audio complete


Please contact us for more information and for shipping/pickup options.

STUDER A810 Reel to Reel Recorder

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