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Lawson L251 Capsule

The integrity of the capsule, more than any other element, determines the microphone's character as a transducer.


Lawson's L47 one-inch capsule design is based on the M7 capsule used in the U47/M49 microphones.

Lawson's L47 capsule features:

  • Solid brass construction machined in Lawson's Nashville machine shop

  • Hand-lapped to a mirror finish in the Lawson lab

  • Critically tensioned in the Lawson lab with dual 3-micron gold-sputtered diaphragms to improve and extend high frequency response

  • Supported by Lawson's proprietary shock mounting system that (1) eliminates the need for external spider-type mounting systems and (2) filters out vibrations that may travel through the mic cable and or mic stand into the microphone

  • Quick Change™-- May be used on Lawson TUBE or FET electronics

The L47FET is a cardioid only microphone. However, the L47 capsule is dual diaphragmed and ready to use on the Lawson Vacuum Tube Electronics with full-multi-pattern functionality.

L251FET Capsule

Lawson Quick Change™ System

Lawson capsules are universal or interchangeable. We call it the Quick Change™ system.


The L47MPII capsule will fit either the Lawson Vacuum Tube Electronics or the Lawson FET electronics. Here’s an example of how cool this feature is. If you have an L251 Tube Mic and an  L47FET mic (check out the Lawson Tube/FET Combo), you can swap heads and voila! Now you have the L47MPII Vacuum Tube Mic and the L251 FET mic.


Here’s another scenario: purchase the L251 Quick Change Capsule, the L47MPII Quick Change Capsule, and one Lawson FET electronics. You can use either capsule on the FET electronics.

Quick Change Capsule

Lawson FET Electronics

The L47FET electronics are hand-wired using:

Super low noise field effect transistors (FET)

1% metal film low noise resistors

Lundahl transformer

Gold-plated connectors


No integrated circuits or surface mount parts are used.

The L47FET is small and convenient and operates on 48V phantom supplied from your mic pre/console. There is only one cable (3-pin XLR) required to connect your L47FET to your mic pre or console.

Lawson FET Electronics

Pads and Cuts

0/-10/-20 DB PAD

With the three position pad switch, zero, -10, -20 dB of attenuation can be accessed. With the -10 or -20 dB  pad engaged, the sound pressure level (SPL) increases to 145 dB and 155 dB respectively allowing you to record whispers to explosive levels.

Flat/Low Cut

A two-position switch allows either a flat (F) or low-cut (LC) characteristic. The LC position is a gentle 6 dB per octave rolloff starting at 100 Hz.

Pads and Cuts
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