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Pro Audio Review

Lawson L47 Tube Condenser Microphone

"If for some reason I were forced to sell off all my three-dozen tweaked-out vintage vacuum tube microphones, and were allowed to purchase only one pair of stock tube microphones to live with, the Lawson L47 would be my choice . . . In my opinion this is the microphone of choice for the project studio owner who wants to buy only one microphone . . . "

February 1997

Dr. Frederick J. Bashour


Mix Magazine

Lawson L47MP

"If you're in the market for a world-class tube condenser, you cannot go wrong with the L47MP. It has the uncanny ability to sound great on almost any vocalist, as well as on a wide variety of instruments. The L47MP's construction is impeccable, it looks great, and it's quite affordable. What more could you ask for? I cannot praise this microphone enough. Don't wait--buy it . . . "

May 1998

Michael Cooper


Electronic Musician

Tube Mic Tête-á-Tête

"For sheer tube magic, a realistic vintage vibe, and superb craftsmanship, the Lawson L47MP takes top honors. This mic has gobs of tube attitude, and in many cases can single-handedly impart a classic, fat, ultra-warm analog sound to your digital tracks . . . "

February 1998

Brian Knave with Myles Boisen


EQ "Audition"

Lawson L47MP Gold Microphone

"The Lawson L47MP is a heavyweight contender in the ring of multi-pattern tube mics. It's well-designed, well-constructed, and sounds great . . . "

October 1997

Steve LaCerra


Electronic Musician

Ten Mics I Swear By

"This mic is my first choice for any vocal, reed instrument, electric guitar, or organ overdub, and for any source that would benefit from the thick low mids, creamy highs, and richness that only a tube mic can deliver . . . Furthermore, vocalists always seem to give 110 percent when you put this 'golden Goliath' in front of them . . . "

April 1999

Myles Boisen


Performing Songwriter

Microphones--Malcolm Burn

"The Lawson L47MP is the new star of the show for me . . . " ~Malcolm Burn

Jul/Aug 2002

Bill DeMain


Pro Audio Review

For Gene Lawson, Microphones are Golden

"The passion to create the best tools to serve art, rather than the bottom line, lives on. There are few better modern day examples than Gene Lawson . . . "

January 2007

Frank Beacham


Pro Audio Review

Lawson Microphones Tube/FET Combo

"The finest compliment I can pay to the Lawson Tube/FET combo package is that it proved to be so versatile and near-limitless in its applications that I bought it . . . "

January 2006

Stephen Murphy

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