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Lawson Tube Mic Power Supply

Lawson Tube Mic Power Supply

Infinitely Variable Multi-Pattern Control

The Lawson Tube Mic Power Supply for the L47MPII and L251 offers infinitely variable patterns that provide a wide pallet of character and utility. The pattern control is located on the power supply and adjusts very smoothly (similar to a volume control) without the limitations of preset switch positions. A blue LED inside the windscreen glows when the multi-pattern mode is selected via the switch in the mic base.

To illustrate the usefulness of the infinitely variable multi-pattern feature, this graph shows a response overlay of two intermediate patterns—wide cardioid (11 o’clock on the dial) and hyper cardioid (1 o’clock on the dial). A comparison of these two responses shows a variation of approximately 4 dB occurring in the 4 to 5 kHz regions, an area where the human ear just happens to be most sensitive.

L47MPII Overlay

0/-10 dB Pad

With the two position pad switch, zero or -10 dB of attenuation can be accessed. The 10 dB pad lowers the sensitivity of the vacuum tube allowing for increased SPL's when engaged. The 10 dB pad should only be used for extreme SPL's.

-Bass L251 (6 dB per octave rolloff at 100 Hz)/+Bass L47 (Flat)

The Lawson Tube Mic Power Supply is universal: It may be used with either the L47MPII or the L251. The normal switch position for the L47MPII is the +Bass L47. The -Bass L251 position may be used with the L47MPII if you feel there is excessive proximity effect.

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