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The Lawson L251 Vacuum Tube Mic delivers the coveted character of vintage microphones costing 10x more. Patterned after the Elam 251, the Lawson L251 is lauded as a superior vocal microphone renowned and coveted for its sparkling "airy" highs and warm solid lows. Male artists with voices similar to Vince Gill and Jason Mraz and female voices similar to Alicia Keys and Celine Dion sparkle on the L251 Tube Mic or L251FET.


In addition to male and female vocals, the L251 excels on all acoustic instruments and captures room ambience magically. Couple Gene Lawson's recreation of the Elam 251 capsule with Lawson's infinitely variable polar pattern control (cardioid, omni, figure 8, and infinite intermediate patterns), the L251 receives top honors and rave reviews. If ever a microphone deserved the title "magical," the L251 is it. Mix magazine reviewer Stephen Murphy says it like this: "While [the L251's] sound is impressively similar to the Telefunken original, its stellar build quality, low shelf bypass, variable patterns and reasonable price make it even more impressive."

L251 Vacuum Tube Microphone

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