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Relive the Magic with the L47MP MKII!

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The Lawson tradition of recreating the classic microphones of yesteryear started with the L47. Created in 1997, the L47MP has been our most popular model. Like the original L47MP, the L47MP MKII features the Lawson reproduction of the M7 capsule used in the legendary U47 and M49 microphones.
L47MP MKII The L47MP MKII puts a virtual grab bag of sonic characteristics at your fingertips. A powerful feature of the L47MP MKII is the ability to select from an infinite number of intermediate patterns using the pattern control (shown right) located on the power supply. You adjust the L47MP MKII pattern control in the same way you adjust a volume control--smoothly and without the limitations of preset switch positions. Polar Pattern ControlTo illustrate the usefulness of the infinitely variable multi-pattern feature, the graph below shows a response overlay of two intermediate patterns--wide cardioid (11 o'clock on the dial) and hyper cardioid (1 o'clock on the dial). A comparison of these two responses shows a variation of approximately 4 dB occurring in the 4 to 5 kHz region, an area where the human ear just happens to be most sensitive.Response Overlay
The L47MP MKII omni, cardioid, and figure 8 frequency responses are illustrated here. The surprisingly wide variations exhibited by these three major responses are uniquely characteristic of the M7 capsule. The most prominent variation of 8 dB occurs in the 4 to 5 kHz range between omni and figure 8. With the L47MP pattern control, you can adjust anywhere between these or other intermediate patterns, fine tuning the L47MP for a specific vocalist or instrument. It's just like using equalization! With the L47MP, you get a "virtual grab bag of tonal options."
The MK II features both a multi-pattern mode and a cardioid-only mode that increases sensitivity by 3 dB and lowers the noise floor of the microphone by the same amount. A cool blue LED glows inside the windscreen when the multi-pattern mode is selected. When the cardioid only position is selected, the multi-pattern control on the power supply is disabled and the blue LED inside the windscreen is off.
For a warm, classic sound, the L47MP MKII utilizes the 6N1P vacuum tube (the same tube used in the award winning L251). Each tube is stringently tested and individually selected to meet low-noise guidelines. To further insure highest performance and stability, an innovative, low-loss tube socket is utilized employing NASA approved, heavily gold-plated beryllium copper contacts, resulting in unparalleled grip, low contact resistance, low noise and long life. The vacuum tube is coupled through an esoteric capacitor and a Lundahl transformer.
Like all microphones in the Lawson family, the L47MP MKII features the Lawson Quick Change™ Capsule System that is easily removable and may be plugged into all other Lawson mics, including our popular L251 tube microphone and all FET models. The L251FET is a perfect companion to the L47MP MKII. With the Quick Change™ system and the ability to swap heads, you have the sound of FOUR Lawson microphones at your fingertips: L251, L47MP MKII, L47FET, and L251FET.

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