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Big magic comes in small packages! The Lawson L47FET microphone may be small, but it packs a big punch!


The L47FET is an ideal replacement for the original Neumann 47FET that was produced until the mid 1980s and was favored for recording bass drum. With its small profile and rugged design, you'll love the way the Lawson L47FET fits easily into tight spaces like bass drum. With its ability to withstand high sound pressure levels (155 dB SPL with -20 dB pad), the L47FET is the perfect choice for bass drum, overheads, trumpet, Marshall stacks, and the like.


But don't let its small profile fool you! The Lawson L47FET uses the same Quick Change™ capsule featured in the award-winning L47MPII microphone. One voiceover customer recently referred to his L47FET as his "MIGHTY MIC." Every time he sends a finished product off to a producer, he receives praise and raves. Translation: more jobs/more pay days. Everyone wants to know his secret. But we're not telling. Shhhh . . . it's a secret. Seriously, the L47FET is great for any male or female vocal project: singing, speaking, yelling, whispering, gurgling, gasping, wowing, or wooing.

L47FET Microphone

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